Foundry CheckList


  1. Place pattern on board
  2. Dust pattern
  3. Ram up drag
  4. Cope down if parting line below top of drag
  5. Dust drag with parting dust
  6. Locate sprue
  7. Ram cope
  8. Remove pattern from mould
  9. Vent mould


  1. Place mould in sandbed
  2. Level according to need (flat for open-faced, tilted for all others
  3. Preheat all metal objects that will come in contact during pour
  4. Skim slag off top of crucible
  5. Pour as quickly as possible without interrupting the pour


  1. Wait as long as possible before shaking out
  2. Shake out sand through riddle into barrel; sprinkle water

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 Last changed 2006-Sept-13