Using Monotone 0.25

Setting up a monotone DB

I've also started a write-up of the steps needed to get monotone to work for revision control. I don't know if it's the last word in revision control systems, but it fits my needs nicely so far.

Steps to do once per user

  1. monotone genkey
  2. cat >> ~/.monotone/monotonerc
    function get_passphrase(keypair_id)
    return "developersecretpassphrase"
  3. chmod 600 ~/.monotone/monotonerc

Steps for each repository

  1. monotone --db=../foo.db db init
  2. monotone --db=../foo.db --branch setup foo
  3. cd foo
  4. cat >> Makefile
    all: junk
  5. monotone add Makefile
  6. monotone diff
  7. monotone ci
  8. monotone st

 Last changed 2006-Apr-20